In order to save time and effort in exercising and adhering to strict diets, Vaser 360 Liposuction has emerged as an ideal option, offering a safe non-surgical method. Depending on the client’s preferences, fat can be targeted and removed from different areas of the body, such as the arms, thighs, or abdomen. Let’s delve into the specifics of this technique in the article below at Dr. Nguyen Giap Aesthetic Surgery Center. 

Introduction to Vaser 360 Liposuction Technology

Vaser 360 Liposuction technology utilizes high-frequency convergent ultrasound energy to target and break down fat cells deep within the body. This process liquefies the fat, allowing it to be gently and quickly removed while minimizing impact on surrounding muscle tissues. One prominent advantage of this technology is that it avoids the bruising and surface irregularities often associated with traditional fat removal methods. In addition, Vaser stimulates collagen production in the skin, resulting in a firming effect in the treated area. What’s more, this procedure takes only 45-60 minutes to address fat-related concerns and achieve smoother, firmer skin. With its speed and effectiveness, clients can recover within a day, minimizing downtime. Another benefit of Vaser technology is its ability to extract up to 95% of viable fat cells, which can be further purified and transplanted into areas that lack volume or vitality, promoting rejuvenation and enhancing different body regions.

The widespread application of Vaser 360 Liposuction in South Korea has established it as an advanced technique, capable of reducing over 98% of excess fat with each session. The method’s minimally invasive nature and absence of scarring ensure safety for patients.

Vaser 360 Liposuction combined with Abdominal Sculpting

Vaser 360 Liposuction Technique at Dr. Nguyen Giap Aesthetic Surgery Center

As a highly experienced doctor, Dr. Tran Nguyen Giap firmly believes that “Natural, safe, and effective aesthetics are the key to successful beauty.” It is for this reason that Dr. Giap always prioritizes investing in the latest and most advanced technologies to deliver the best quality to his clients.

On October 9th, 2022, Dr. Tran Nguyen Giap officially became a partner of Solta Medical, USA, through the signing and technology transfer agreement for Vaser.

Dr. Nguyen Giap Aesthetic Surgery Center has obtained the authentic Vaser 360 technology from Solta Medical, USA

This is great news not only for the beauty industry but also for all customers. By visiting Dr. Nguyen Giap’s specialized Aesthetic Clinic, customers can experience premium fat removal services.

Benefits of Vaser 360 Liposuction


The Vaser 360 Liposuction method has gained the trust of many women, and it offers several advantages, including:


  • High safety: Vaser 360 fat removal technology is considered safe and does not pose complications for clients.


  • Quick fat reduction: Clients can achieve rapid fat reduction in their bodies, attaining the slim physique they desire.


  • Improved body aesthetics: The natural body shape becomes more toned, creating a sense of balance and harmony in the overall body image. This boosts confidence when wearing favorite outfits.


  • Minimal complications: Compared to traditional methods, modern fat removal techniques, such as Vaser, ensure high safety and minimize complications such as surface irregularities, wrinkles, or skin death.


  • Body weight improvement: This method is an ideal choice for busy individuals, providing quick and effective results without significantly impacting their schedule.
Lợi ích của dịch vụ
Liposuction aids in improving body weight.

Advanced cosmetic technique

The Vaser 360 Liposuction technique at Dr. Nguyen Giap Aesthetic Surgery Center is highly acclaimed for its exceptional benefits. Specifically:


  • Pain-free and quick recovery: Not only does it effectively reduce fat, but it also minimizes discomfort and reduces the recovery time after surgery.
  • Scarless procedure: The device’s even distribution mechanism helps minimize unevenness and does not leave scars post-surgery.
  • Firm and smooth skin: This method, which combines modern modeling with ultrasound waves, enhances the elasticity of the skin, resulting in firm and smooth skin.
  • High effectiveness: The endoscopic device allows for the removal of up to 98% of excess fat in the treated area in a single session.
  • Safe and scar-free cosmetic approach: This technique ensures high safety standards and does not leave any scars, providing reassurance to clients regarding post-surgical outcomes.
  • Simultaneous fat reduction in multiple areas: Vaser 360 fat suction technology can reduce fat in multiple areas simultaneously, saving time and costs.
  • Firm and non-sagging skin: The high skin elasticity post-surgery helps maintain firmness and prevent sagging.
  • Reduced fat regeneration capability: Compared to traditional liposuction methods, this technique reduces the likelihood of fat regeneration, ensuring long-term effectiveness in the treated area.
  • Fast and complete recovery: Clients can undergo a swift and complete recovery process following laser fat suction.

Actual Results Achieved:

Abdominal Liposuction ( Before – After )
Back Liposuction ( Before – After )
Arm Liposuction ( Before – After )
Thigh Liposuction ( Before – After )

Implementation process at Dr. Nguyen Giap Clinic

The liposuction procedure at Dr. Nguyen Giap Clinic follows a 5-step medical standard process.

Important Considerations for the Liposuction 

The Vaser 360 Liposuction method can pose risks if not performed correctly or at an unreliable healthcare facility. Media outlets frequently report unexpected dangers following fat suction surgeries. The common causes are often associated with choosing untrustworthy facilities or inexperienced practitioners, leading to significant negative impacts on health.


To ensure safety when undergoing cosmetic procedures, it is crucial to pay attention to the following points:


  • Invest in knowledge of technology and methods: Before deciding to undergo fat suction, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge about the technology and methods involved. This will enable informed and safe decision-making.


  • Choose a reputable healthcare facility: The procedure should be performed in a reputable hospital or healthcare facility that possesses modern infrastructure and ensures safety and hygiene standards.


  • Consult directly with a professional physician: Prior to undergoing fat suction, it is recommended to have a direct consultation with a professional physician. This allows for an evaluation of specific health conditions and the making of informed decisions.


  • Avoid excessively cheap and unsafe procedures: Making decisions solely based on low prices is not a safe choice. Opting for a healthcare facility that offers reasonable prices and is reputable will ensure positive and safe outcomes for your health.


  • By adhering to these cautionary measures, you can protect your health and ensure that the fat suction procedure is conducted safely and effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about abdominal liposuction services:

Does liposuction procedure cause pain ?

The level of discomfort during the cosmetic procedure depends on the skills of the performing physician as well as the facilities available. At Dr. Nguyen Giap Clinic, our doctors are professionally trained and utilize advanced pain reduction techniques to ensure a gentle and comfortable experience for our clients.

Do I need to follow a diet after fat suction to maintain my shape?

After undergoing the procedure, you will achieve the desired body shape. However, to maintain the results, it is recommended that clients maintain a healthy and balanced diet with proper nutrition.

How long does it take to resume normal activities after liposuction ?

Typically, after about one month, clients can engage in normal activities and exercise routines. After the procedure, the doctors and counseling staff will provide specific instructions and guidance based on each individual’s health condition.


This article has provided useful information about the abdominal fat suction method. For more details, please contact Dr. Nguyen Giap Aesthetic Surgery Center for direct professional consultation and examination.



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