Dr. Nguyen Giap

Dr. Nguyen Giap Tran - ( Koobee Tran) Cosmetic Surgery Specialist

Dr. Nguyen Giap Tran graduated from General Practitioner at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City. After that, he continued to study after University and had major in Ear, Nose and Throat; Cosmetic Plastic Surgery; Micro Surgery and Flap.

In 2015, Dr. Tran Nguyen Giap was honored to win a Fellowship training scholarship to specialize in Plastic Surgery and Facial Reconstruction in the United States. In particular, he was instructed directly by Professor, Dr. William H Truswell - President of American Association for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AAFPRS). This is an opportunity to create a solid foundation for Dr. Nguyen Giap to focus on developing in the field of anti-aging surgery on the face, especially face and nose surgery.

Dr. Giap with Prof. Truswell

               Dr. Nguyen Giap is especially interested in anti-aging facial stretch surgery, as the elderly are becoming more active and participate more in social activities. He truly believes that a proper surgery under the hands of an experienced, well-trained doctor will bring a good result for the client and minimize the risk as much as possible.

               After a period of studying and researching with Professor Truswell, Dr. Nguyen Giap Tran was introduced to continue studying with Dr. Albert Fox, a prominent graduate of prestigious Yale University, in Massachusetts, USA.

Dr. Giap with Dr. Fox

               In here, Dr. Nguyen Giap has found that a good surgery if there is no method to less damage and heal well, it will still make customers afraid. With the support of Dr. Albert Fox, two teachers and students also conducted a survey on 3,000 patients and published the Three Crescent Incisions with the advantage of stretching the skin. Maximum, beautiful face with absolutely no bad scarring for the patient. The report was published in the Medical journal.

               Returning to Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen Giap continued to intensive learning about his career in Cosmetic Surgery. In 2018, Dr. Nguyen Giap graduated with the First Faculty of Specialist Doctor , with a major in Plastic and Plastic Surgery at Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University and kept the school. Currently, Dr. Nguyen Giap is teaching at the Department of Plastic Surgery of Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University.


It is a guideline in the profession and Doctor Giap's advice for clients who are learning and preparing for cosmetic surgery. He said that customers should note the following three factors:

Carefully choose and find out the doctor who will do the surgery for you, do not put your trust in un-reputed, inexperienced and no-cosmetic facilities. Because cosmetic surgery not only affects the appearance but also affects health, even life. So, be cautious.

Choose surgical methods that are harmonious, suitable for your condition. The most perfect is natural, safe and long-lasting beauty, chasing beauty trends without listening to your own body will lead to undesirable complications.

The most important thing is cosmetic surgery needs to be Accurate and Beautiful from the first time, do not let it fail before looking for a reputable doctor to fix it.

               As one of the experienced experts in the field of beauty, Dr. Nguyen Giap Tran understands the importance of appearance and cosmetic surgery. He said that thanks to the change of appearance, many people achieve success, happiness and life becomes more fulfilled. Because of the desire to bring the perfect beauty and improve the beauty to customers, Dr. Nguyen Giap Tran and the team always do their best in each surgery to bring satisfaction and safety in the journey to change the looks of those who are searching for their own beauty.


"Dr. Nguyen Giap Tran - Cosmetic Surgery, Beautiful from the first time"

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